Thank You Drexel University!

Jan 6, 2020 | PA-CAT Activities

While developing Exam Master’s PA-CAT website, we thought it would be great to use images of actual PA students on the site. Drexel University is local to the Exam Master headquarters and was a participating school in the research phase of the PA-CAT. We were delighted to be invited to take pictures of their students and facilities.  

We walked through the halls of the College of Nursing and Health Professions building, stopping in classrooms and simulation rooms to photograph the learning environment. There were mannequins with bright eyes and tattoo sleeves laying in hospital beds in every room. Our photographer snapped pictures of simulation activity prompts, small examination rooms, and hospital-like hallways.

During our visit to Drexel, we met students who had just entered their didactic year of Physician Assistant school. When we mentioned the PA-CAT to the students, many of them acknowledged that they had taken the test during their first week of the program. The students had positive feedback about the development of an admissions test specifically for physician assistant programs and were excited to be a part of the research phase.

We were able to watch an educator demonstrate a level of patience and care while showing her students how to perform a patient evaluation of fine motor skills that was exceptional. Four students allowed us to capture the process of them evaluating each other under the close watch of their instructor. It was evident from our time at Drexel that the educators take great pride in the way that they prepare the future PA’s in their program. 

Exam Master would like to thank Drexel University for allowing us to visit their PA program to take pictures for our PA-CAT website. We understand that instruction time is valuable to both educators and students, and they were gracious enough to allow us to capture photos of that time. 

Take a look at some of the great pictures we took while at Drexel University!



    Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Chris

    Very cool stuff! Glad Exam Master has partners like Drexel!


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