PA-CAT: Registration and Scheduling

Your first step to becoming a PA!

Taking the PA-CAT™ is a smart move.
The PA-CAT helps PA school applicants demonstrate their academic preparedness for the demanding PA curriculum.


Starting November 4, 2024, the PA-CAT will be administered by Pearson VUE.

Stay tuned for more details!

The last day to test with Prometric Testing Centers is October 20, 2024.

Registering and scheduling for the PA-CAT is a two-step process:


1. Purchase and Register for the PA-CAT.

Purchase and Register for the PA-CAT by selecting the
Purchase & Register button below. Registration requires
Exam Master to collect certain candidate personal information for purposes of testing center verification and score reporting. See a copy of our privacy policy here.

2. Schedule to take the PA-CAT

Using the information collected by Exam Master during the registration phase, candidates will schedule to take the PA-CAT via the Prometric testing center or via ProProctor, Prometric’s live remote proctoring system.

Facts About the PA-CAT

  • PA-CAT Exam is a 240-item assessment covering 9 science subject areas
  • Field-tested with over 1700 examinees at 36 PA programs
  • Available at over 5,000 Prometric testing centers and at home through remote proctoring
  • Cost: $228 (includes the test center fee for standard administration). Learn about our Fee Assistance Program.
  • Free PA-CAT Study Resources including:
    • Two 120-question PA-CAT practice exams
    • 30+ Hours of video subject learning modules, with practice questions and quizzes
    • 9 subject 3,200+ question bank for self-assessment quiz creation
    • 9 subject-specific practice exams

Register and Schedule Early

Register early, as seating is on a first-come, first-served basis for scheduling at a Prometric Test Center or for Prometric’s Remote Proctoring Service. Accessibility to local Prometric Testing Centers varies due to Covid-19, so candidates should plan ahead and schedule as early as possible. If you meet the “Registration and Schedule” deadline, you will likely get your preferred testing date, time, and location; however, there is no guarantee.

Proceed through the on-screen instructions to select your testing date, time, and location. Please take sufficient time to carefully read the check-in policy and the cancellation policy. We strongly suggest that you review the Prometric Testing Tutorial and Practice Test prior to testing at a Prometric Test Center or through Prometric’s Remote Live Proctoring.

Special Accommodations

Special Accommodations are provided to eligible candidates on a prior-approval basis. Special accommodations typically involve providing candidates who have special needs additional test time, with 1.5x and 2x the normal testing time the most common. The purpose of this program is to ensure that no candidate with a verified disability is prevented from having an opportunity to sit for the PA-CAT in a way that is non-discriminatory.

For the protection of the integrity of the PA-CAT, and to ensure its reliability for both candidates and participating PA programs, a special approval process is needed for anyone wishing to request special accommodations. More information on the special accommodations program including an application form is available here.

PA-CAT Fee Waivers and Adjustments

Exam Master recognizes that there are some qualified applicants to PA school who, through no fault of their own, may be classified as “economically disadvantaged” or who otherwise have special economic needs. Exam Master has developed a program to support these individuals by providing financial assistance to reduce the cost of the PA-CAT to these approved candidates. This needs-based program is designed to ensure that no aspiring physician assistant candidate is denied an opportunity to apply to PA school. Click here to view Fee Assistance Qualifications.

Exam Master's Physician Assistant College Admissions Test (PA-CAT) is provided through on-line non-downloadable software by Exam Master Corporation.

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