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Are you aspiring to become a Physician Assistant (PA)?
Your journey to PA school begins here!

Exam Master Proudly Presents “The Perfect Applicant”. 

A comprehensive course designed to help you gain admission to the Physician Assistant Program that fits you best.

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WHAT'S INSIDE "The Perfect Applicant"

A video course with downloadable worksheets.

  • Introduction: Exploring the PA role and opportunities
  • Chapter One: Mastering The Application Process
  • Chapter Two: Analyzing PA Programs to Apply To
  • Chapter Three: Choosing PA Programs YOU are Right For
  • Chapter Four: The Personal Statement
  • Chapter Five: Are You Prepared for the Rigors of PA Education
  • Chapter Six: The Opportunity of Your Interview
  • Chapter Seven: Tips for Graduate School Success

Get ready to embark on your journey towards becoming the perfect PA applicant!

This course has one goal: To educate you on the process and pitfalls of applying to PA School & greatly increase your chance for acceptance into an accredited Physician Assistant Program.

Exam Master’s The Perfect Applicant is structured to both educate you on the process and pitfalls of applying to PA school, as well as challenge you with probing questions and exercises designed to help you be better prepared to apply, ace your interview, and succeed in PA school!


Savannah Perry explores the benefits of the PA-CAT Exam and PA Pre-Matriculation Bootcamp.

Learn about the value of two comprehensive Exam Master PA resources in this video series.

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