PA-CAT Scoring and Reporting

Information for Candidates and Programs

“Strong correlation between scores on the PA-CAT and academic performance is seen. Our weakest students were noted to have the lowest PA-CAT scores in their cohort. Additionally, our strongest students performed well on the PA-CAT. This tool may be helpful in screening potential applicants, as well as monitoring students who may be at risk for poor performance.”

Sandra Keavey, PA-C

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PA-CAT Score Reporting


Within 8 weeks after you have taken the PA-CAT™, your Official Score Report will be available online for two years from the date of your test administration, and Official Transcripts will be sent to the institutions you designated to receive your scores.


Your PA-CAT scores will be reported on your Official Transcript.


Physician Assistant programs and departments will only accept Official Transcripts. Neither the Preliminary Score Report you received at the Test Center nor the Official Score Report available online can be submitted to a school in lieu of an Official Transcript.


Under no circumstances will scores be reported over the phone, in an email, or faxed.


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Requesting Official Transcripts

If your specified Physician Assistant program or department has not received your Official Transcript 7 weeks after the last test date, you are eligible to receive a replacement Official Transcript, provided the proper recipient code and school were specified. You must email your request to PA-CAT Customer Relations no later than 10 weeks after the last testing date. Requests received after 10 weeks must be accompanied by the appropriate fees.

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Interpreting Your PA-CAT Scores

PA-CAT is not an exam with a passing score.  PA programs using the PA-CAT as part of their admissions process will receive the following information:

  • Candidate Scaled Score
  • Candidate Subject Raw Scores
  • National Scaled Score Percentiles

Essentially, the PA program using your PA-CAT will use your results to see how they  compare to the results of other candidates applying to the same school(s) as you, and how your results compare to a national sample of exam takers.

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Important Information for Participating Programs

PA-CAT scores will be reported on a scaled basis to minimize measurement errors and to maximize reporting accuracy of results across different versions of the exam. A scaled score can also help better differentiate between academically weaker and stronger examinees based on item difficulty and other factors.  Scaled scores also help all stakeholders more accurately compare results over time. For additional information about the PA-CAT consult the PA-CAT Program Information Guide.

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Exam Master would like to thank Julie Kinzel and the students at Drexel University's PA program for allowing us to capture their students in action, on their way to becoming PAs!

Pictures courtesy of Julie Kinzel and the students at Drexel University PA.