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Interested in what your peers think of the PA-CAT?
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“I thought the PA-CAT was a good measurement tool for how much I learned in undergrad that was related to PA school and the PA degree. It was more difficult than the GRE but also in some ways easier because it was more specific and I could prepare. I believe that if you prepare and review at least a couple of months in advance you will do really well. I actually scored very well and I think it helped me get in. I’m now in a top 10 PA program and I got accepted into multiple programs, in part due to my PA-CAT score.”

– Megan G.

“Finally having an exam specialized for physician assistant programs is amazing. The PA-CAT was very well structured with excellent prep and practice provided with the purchase of the exam. As someone who has taken the GRE multiple times, my knowledge of medical sciences was finally able to be accurately represented. I am honored to say I am now a physician assistant student.”

– Laura K.

“I took the PA-CAT because one school I applied allowed it as an option to fulfill their testing requirement. The included study materials did not help me because my test date was in March 2021 and the materials were only released shortly before then. I felt that this test was beneficial to me because my undergrad education prepared me really well in the prerequisite subjects tested, which was reflected in my score. I feel like my score reflects my readiness and ability to succeed in PA school and made me feel more confident in the application process.”

– Sabrina M.

“I took the PA-CAT for entry into PA school. The included study materials were very helpful because they were very similar to the actual questions on the exam.”

– Sarah C.

“I would like it that all PA schools would already require PA-CAT as opposed to the GRE since the PA-CAT is more science-based, unlike the GRE.”

– David L.

“The PA-CAT was a great test for entrance into PA school as it was more geared toward the material and course load that we are learning in PA school currently.”

– Jana K.

“I chose the PA-CAT to try something else other than the GRE. Also to try to show off my knowledge of topics specifically related to PA programs. The study materials were very in-depth and taught me plenty of things I knew and didn’t know.”

– Amaris W.

“I took the PA-CAT in preparation for PA school admissions. I studied just resources provided on the PA-CAT website, including watching the short refresher topic videos and tons of practice questions. Overall, I did well on the exam and felt very confident going into the exam! This is a much more accurate test of how prepared students are for PA school because more clinical knowledge is tested.”

– Nicole M.

The PA-CAT was fair but challenging in the Anatomy and Physiology portion of the exam. Some of the material we were tested on was more in-depth and detailed than I expected.”

– Robert G.

“I really enjoyed the PA-CAT. I feel it is a better way to measure a Pre-PA student’s prior education and is a good scale on PA preparation. I wish there were more study materials like there is for the MCAT. However, most of the material on my test was from my undergrad. I took the PACAT for PA school and I hope it becomes the standard for admissions.”

– Logan H.

“I feel that the PACAT was a good measure for admission to PA School, much better than the GRE. The questions were challenging but good. On test day, the process was seamless. I used different apps and the Exam Master materials online to study.”

– Alyson L.

“I thought the exam was fair, also because the included study material was very helpful. The way I studied was through your videos and quizzes and tests. The quizzes and tests were more challenging than the actual exam I believe which prepared me. I also used my old notes to study from my classes.”

– Danielle R.

“I took the PACAT so that I could apply to some PA schools that required this exam. The resources were incredibly helpful in that they helped to know what to study in preparation. I thought the exam was challenging but fair. I think studying for this test will be beneficial when I start PA school as it was a refresher of the prerequisites I took for school.”

– Morgan O.

I’m in favor of this exam replacing the GRE, and the free exam prep provided when you sign up for the exam was very helpful.”

– Nick K.

“The PA-CAT tested in PA school prereqs was a much more relevant requirement than the GRE.”

– Madison W.

“I took the PA-CAT because my top school, Central Michigan University, required it. I ended up loving the test more so than the GRE. The Exam Master study materials prepared me well for the exam and were a good review of the classes I took during undergrad. I feel that the PA-CAT is a better representation of my preparedness and intellect for PA school rather than the GRE.”

– Emily N.

“The PA-CAT Exam Master is a wonderful program, fast and easy to use. All the information is easily accessible and user-friendly.”

– Abraham P.

“Finding a testing center was simple and easy. The test on the computer was easy to take. I took the test to test my prerequisite knowledge prior to PA school.”

– Lauren B.

“I thought that the test accurately depicted the background knowledge an applicant should know for PA school.”

– Collin T.

“I took the exam because my top school started requiring it this year. The study material was helpful, however, there was a lot of it! I think the videos were really good for helping me to focus on different topics.”

– Caroline M.

“It was a good test, just hard; the study resources were EXTREMELY helpful. Some questions I vividly remembered learning in my college classes, others I did not learn about and would not have known if it weren’t for the study materials. I thought the length of the test was fine and the breaks were helpful.”

– Emma L.

“I took the PA-CAT because I thought it would be required by most programs by the time I applied. The included study sources were a little helpful. I appreciated an exam that actually relates to the prerequisites.

– Brooke G.

“I took the PA-CAT exam because the school I applied to dropped the GRE requirement and “highly recommended” the PA-CAT. The included study resources were extremely helpful in refreshing my memory. It also helped me broaden my knowledge and give me insight into what knowledge is needed for PA school. This exam helped me prepare for the rigorous nature of PA school as well as remind me of what I learned in my science classes. It also helped me stand out on my application.”

– Abigayle A.

“I took the PA-CAT to include in my application for various PA programs. I used the study packet provided, along with the knowledge I have gained in the ER and ICU. I thought this test was a great representation of the preparedness one has for PA school, compared to the GRE.”

– Kelsey P.

“I took the PA-CAT exam because one of the programs required it. The study resources helped me more than any other study resources for any other standardized test.

– Danielle V.

“I took the PA-CAT because one of the PA schools that I was applying to required the exam as their application requirement. Only 1 of the schools I was applying to required it at the time. The included study resources definitely gave me a good idea of what the exam may cover or look like and had some good information. I think the exam was quite difficult at the level we were taking it but hopefully in the future as it improves it will be a better indicator for admissions.”

– Jasmine S.

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