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“I decided to take the PA-CAT because it is one of the requirements for the PA program I was applying to. The study resources included with the PA-CAT exam were the only resources I used and they prepared me well for the exam, especially the videos and the practice exams. While I was taking the exam I felt prepared and believe these resources are tailored for the exam and for future success in PA school. Other benefits to taking the PA-CAT exam is getting more knowledge to prepare you for PA school, I actually found it extremely helpful as I had a surprise mini quiz on my interview day, and was able to answer due to what I had just learned from my Exam Master resources.”

– M.M.

“It was very good. I studied for three weeks and got a 477. The material was very focused, and if I had more time I would have no doubt I would’ve scored higher.  For me to be able to get a 477 with only three weeks of studying outside of work and family time shows how good the material was. I was right around the middle of the curve, and very pleased with the structure of the material and my preparation with my short timeline.”

– N.M.

“I took the PA-CAT because it best correlates to a high PANCE passing score more so than other entrance exams, such as the GRE, [which] does not focus on any applicable skills or information. The included study materials were my primary source of content review and test questions. It is the best review material I have ever used. It is perfectly concise yet comprehensive and the explanations given for the practice questions made all the difference. The only change I would make is I felt the content review could have been more thorough for the general chemistry portion as it lacked in info needed compared to other subjects.”

– H.W.

“I took the PA-CAT because it was a requirement for the IPAP which is a military program. I also like that I could demonstrate practical knowledge through the exam and not just classroom lessons.”

– I.S.

“Exam was good, after applying to PA school a second time with scores over the 75th percentile I was able to get into PA school and am currently in my second semester.”

– J.V.

Found the study material useful and easy to navigate. I am taking the PACAT as a requirement for the Interservice Physician Assistant Program”

– R.S.

“I did decide to take PACAT to increase my chances in getting in a PA program and to test myself if I am ready for that program. The study materials were very helpful and prepared me very well for the test. I would recommend it to everyone who will apply for PA program.”

– N.P.

“The PA-CAT was challenging but a fair assessment of core material covered in the prerequisite courses for PA programs. I felt this exam was a much better predictor of how I will perform in my classes during my didactic year of school. I actually enjoyed studying the material because it was directly related to what I will encounter in my future studies!”

– T.P.

“The PA-CAT is difficult but fair. The only section that really stumped me is the biochemistry section, but I didn’t take a biochemistry course before taking the exam. The study material provided by Exam Master was an excellent resource.

– J.K.

“I took the PA-CAT because I thought I would do better on that exam than the GRE. I was correct. I like the fact that the study materials are included in the price of the exam. I prefer it over the GRE because it is content that I should’ve learned in school.”

– L.L.

“I took the exam as a requirement for application to a PA program. The included study materials helped me a lot to prepare. I liked how the material was structured and also enjoyed the practice questions. Taking the PA-CAT helped me get ready for taking PA school exams as well.

– S.D.

“Overall, great experience. I took the PACAT for application to a few different PA school[s]. I used the free resources after making a PACAT exam appointment. The exam itself followed closely with the practice exams/material.

– O.B.

“Overall a good test. I believe it is a good measure of how much a pre-PA student knows about those topics. The free study resources are very useful for the actual test. I would say that after talking to some other test takers, everyone had a different exam that focused heavily on one subject. Some had biology heavy exam, others genetics and some chemistry. I am not sure if that is the actual case, but it is something I have heard.”

– M.S.

“Great exam. PA schools should have a standardized test for admissions purposes. This exam is a great tool to implement. I used Exam Master study resources as well as third party question banks. The exam is an accurate representation of what we are expected to know at this stage of application process (bio, chem, biochem, stat).

– P.R.

“I took the PA-CAT because my top school, Central Michigan University, required it. I ended up loving the test more so than the GRE. The Exam Master study materials prepared me well for the exam and were a good review of the classes I took during undergrad. I feel that the PA-CAT is a better representation of my preparedness and intellect for PA school rather than the GRE.”

– E.N.

Overall as an assessment exam, it was mostly fair. I wish there was a textbook to supplement the online study resources for more practice and reviewing. I felt that some anatomy questions on the exam were beyond the current scope of knowledge for general students.”

– A.G.

“I thought the exam was spot on! It reflected a majority of what I learned in undergrad. I am excited to see the PA-CAT as the standard for admissions in PA school.”

– J.C.

The test bank was totally valuable to preparing for the PA-CAT. Test questions are mostly valid and up-to-date and a certain number of repetition gives you a good grasp of big concepts.”

– M.P.

“I took the exam with intent to apply to IPAP. I tried utilizing the study resources, however a few pre-prepared “mock” test question banks would’ve been helpful to know what kind of questions to prepare for. The material was thorough, but a little unorganized in terms of creating a personalized study plan. I will admit the test, having also taken the MCAT long ago, is a better test than the MCAT in that it seemed very straightforward, and had questions that not only required rote memory, but also application of the material.

– J.D.

“Some PA schools have switched over to using the PA-CAT Exam instead of the GRE. The review courses that came together as a package, did help with the exam. Students who study for the PA-CAT in the future should use the review videos provided as the primary study tool. Then, they could use the practice exams on the site to practice other courses not included in the review videos—notably psychology and chemistry, which the exam does cover. Studying from the provided materials (instead of from your previous college classes) allow you to focus on the questions that the exam tests.”

– S.L.

“The PA-CAT gave me the opportunity to apply my knowledge from prerequisite courses for PA school in one exam. I personally enjoyed taking the exam as I love to study the anatomy and biology of the human body and I believe the exam demonstrates to schools that I will apply to within the next few months my abilities to do well in the program. I believe the PA-CAT is a good representation for prospect of schools to view me as a knowledgeable and competent future PA student.”

– M.H.

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